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Brief Encounter

I, exhausted from Wimbledon, though marvellous,

From turning my head left and right all day,

Dizzy with double faults and drop shots,

Worried at break points,

And anxious at the closing of the set,

Tired from the occasion,

However much looked forward to,

Lurched along the pavement to the dull station,

To wait a while for the train

That would take me home again.

On the platform finally,

I moved along,

And, careless, I bumped against a girl,

Just waiting quietly there.

‘I’m sorry’ I said as I turned back,

And she smiled,

Such a happy smile.

A smile that lit up the whole world.

Well, ok, not quite so much,

But it shone on the weary platform and beyond,

And in my mind for the next few weeks,

As I remember the happiness it had and gave.

It is doubly valid,

Then and now in recollection.