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Don’t Take the Fight to Time

Don’t take the fight to time.

You’re doomed before you start, you know.

And all those face creams?

Throw them in the bin right now.

The hourglass

And the crafty old man with the scythe

Always come out on top

In the end.

Remember that girl on the vase from Greece,

‘For ever will she be fair!’

And even the green leaves escape,

‘Nor ever can those trees be bare.’

It was only yesterday that Louisa fell from the Cobb at Lyme,

And now she’s slowly getting better.

Elizabeth is teasing Darcy now

And she will again tomorrow,

If he decides to ride over to Longbourn.

Mole has just chucked away his brush

And given up spring cleaning

And then as a reward

Goes for a row with Rat on the river.

Harris is sitting on the butter,

And George is late for work

On that Saturday morning

When the three take to the Thames.

It’s amazing how they manage it

Year after year,

While we are here,

Day by day,

Turning into pensioners.