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How Much?

‘I think I’ll wear my lbd,

And just a little jewellery.

Nothing too flash, of course. 

These earrings will go well

With my hair brushed back,

The gold against the tan, you see.

Mustn’t forget the invitation on the desk.

Ah, there it is.

Now what about a taxi?

Well, everyone is here tonight.

Did you see the man at the entrance, though,

His clothes all worn and stooping low?

Well, I walked past quickly, I can tell you!

Begging, was he?

With bits of paper in his hand?

Now this one’s rather grand!

What bold lines and colours

Meet the eye!

This one impresses.

How much does it impress?


OK. Not bad.  Not bad at all!

And this?

A jumble of white houses!

Ibiza, is it?

Just 20 k.

A snip!  I’ll take it for the hall!’

“And in the room the women come and go,”

Talking of nothing in particular.

‘The man’s come in!

He’s very down at heel.

Not the type one wants in here, I feel.

He’s coming over.

Don’t you see?’

The others went and she was left

And could not move away

Though still the man came on.

“By thy long grey beard and glittering eye

Now wherefore stopp’st thou me?”

She saw the papers in his hand.

He looked her in the eye.

He looked her in the eye and said,

‘Will you give a penny for a poem?

Or is, perhaps, the price too high?’