The poem this week is ‘Ithaca’. Sometimes the journey itself is what matters. So ‘Carpe Diem’!

How much further is it now?

Are we far from Ithaca,

Or are we nearly there?


So many miles we’ve clocked up now,

So many wrong roads taken,

So many hills we’ve climbed,

So many horizons put behind,

So many days of carrying on,

Is it true we’re nearly there?


And will Ithaca give us rest?

Or is there always work to do?

Will Ithaca be restless too?


Or is it nearer than we think?

Is Ithaca the next town on the road?

Is Ithaca just beyond that bend?

Can it be true we’re near the end?


Or are we there? Are we already there?

And are the miles we’ve done today,

This journey we are going through,

Is this, is all this Ithaca too?