The Tall Girl from Somerset

This is the story of Anne, a tall girl from Somerset.

Emma Woodhouse was handsome, clever and rich.  We have Jane Austen’s word for it.  Anne was definitely handsome and clever, and she was certainly not poor.

Like two circles that just overlap at one point of their perimeter, Quentin’s world and Bob’s world just touched in these brief dealings with each other.

Anne could imagine many happy evenings with Quentin and even some afternoons, but however much she tried, she could never imagine waking up to Monday mornings with him through a lifetime.

If Anne and Quentin had passed each other in Park Street, they wouldn’t have looked at each other.

Harvey settles down in Perth.

The way ahead is not always easy.

Anne begins her third year and Henry resolves to organize his affairs.

Harvey begins his journey.

Anne goes to Manchester. Do things ever turn out as we plan them?