Johnson of London

Boswell: 'Who can we look to, now that Johnson’s gone? Go to the next man. There is none. No one can be said to put you in mind of Johnson.'

Part 20. Looking Back

Johnson takes time to look back through the books he has written.

Part 19. Levet Gone

Johnson’s tour of friends is over for this year, and he is now back in London. This morning he went to the funeral of Robert Levet. Losing old friends is beginning to take its toll.

Johnson goes to Uttoxeter, where he has a job to do.

Johnson: 'It is strange how geography, a place, can fool us. Standing on these stones I feel just as I felt when I was here at 19.'

The Thrales give a dinner for Johnson and his friends.

Part 15. Scotland At Last

Johnson finally visits Scotland.

Part 14. In Lichfield

Johnson: 'It doesn’t matter where you were born. But where you were a child, that’s what’s important. That’s the place where you opened your eyes to the world.'

Part 13. An Excursion

Johnson: "I can laugh and drink and be brilliant with the best of them, but then sooner or later I have to face myself."

Part 12. The Mitre Tavern

The Mitre Tavern in Fleet Street was one of Johnson's favourite inns. For him it was an escape from himself. 'A tavern chair is the throne of human felicity.'