The Red Ferrari

This play is a light-hearted adventure in Bristol and is based very loosely on Tirso de Molina’s comedy ‘La celosa de sí misma’, set in Madrid in 1620.

The final episode. All is made clear. Or is it?

The red Ferrari plays its part, which leads to a picnic overlooking the sea. Magdalena misses a great opportunity to come clean.

April moves things forward.

Magdalena complicates everything and James tries to keep a clear head.

Magdalena continues to complicate matters but she feels it is all in a good cause.

Part 2. Ana Appears

Ana is recruited, James’s computer is hacked, April appears and everyone goes to Falsetto’s on Friday evening.

Part 1. The Red Ferrari

This is the first episode of ‘The Red Ferrari’, a play that is based very loosely on Tirso de Molina’s ‘La celosa de sí misma’ (The Woman Who Was Jealous Of Herself).