104 Poems

This is where it all began. Just a poem every Friday.

‘104 Poems’

Waving goodbye to these poems.

Thank You to the World

A cheerful smile is contagious especially when it comes out of nowhere.


For so many London is a city of meeting and saying goodbye.

My Rambling Rose

This is the story of my rambling rose. It's just a bit of fun! Or is it?

Aids 2011

Africa suffers from drought, poverty and endless lack of opportunity. Now it has to deal with Aids.

The Man From Porlock

The day to day is often the hardest thing we have to tackle.


Disasters are never just, least of all when caused by man.

A Strange Thing Happened

Ships that pass in the night once more.

It’s Nothing to Do With Me

Why do we watch the news?

The Quiet Doctor of Palma 

A tribute to a good doctor and a good friend.