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We all need time to take a break, to sit and think of nothing in particular. Why not in this old, neglected cloister?

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The Dance

We struggle with words every day. It is never easy to say what we really mean.

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The Gale

The wind at night in the north of Somerset.

Well-loved tools that have served you over the years become part of you.

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The Man from Samaria

He was a man who just happened to be passing by, from whom no good was expected.

The Mirror

The moral of this story is ‘As you grow older, don’t stand near your son or daughter.’ But that’s good. That’s how it should be.

Are they really British, the swallows that come in April and the robin in the snow at Christmas?

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The Old School Song

This starts with a verse from our old School Song, and the lines have always perplexed me. Do things really become clearer later on?

Adapted from the Beaufort Wind Scale written in 1805, the year of Trafalgar, by Sir Francis Beaufort, Royal Navy. The figures represent the wind force. There is poetry in the description here. Read aloud words such as ‘scattered white horses’, ‘foam crests’ and ‘frothy spindrift’.

Things fall into place.