Carpe Diem

Carpe diem. Make the most of the day!


Visit Almazán if you can. Drive north of Madrid for a couple of hours, and there you will find the town, waiting.

And the Music?

Poetry can take many forms, and this a plea for more of those poems that are close to songs.


Giving a helping hand to a complete stranger matters more than we think.

Early Morning in December

The December day, cold and dark, makes a start.

Even Clouds

'The skies of England are in my top ten list of why I love living here,' said a friend recently. I think that they make my top ten as well.

Fresh Flowers

Antonio Machado is buried in Collioure, a small town just over the border in France. There are always flowers on his grave.

Home Thoughts from Abroad

I’ve been away too long.

Mid-March in Chepstow

"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" wrote Shelley. As spring comes, March watches over its first steps.

None of the World’s Glory

He gained none of the world's glory, ran no large company, held no great post.