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The Palace at Amber

Amber is in Rajasthan, India. The palace stands on a hill, overlooking a small walled city of temples and forts. In the 17th century, the court was moved from Amber to nearby Jaipur, which is famous for its jewellery.

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Dorigen looks at the sea from the cliffs.

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The Surprise

Don't plan your life too exactly. You will miss so much!

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Part 7. Midwinter

From field and hedge all green had gone. The freezing rain and sleet had stripped the trees of every leaf from every bough.

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The Plough over Palma

It is strange the things we miss when we are away from home.

Part 6. The Wizard

Tristan and Anselm are entertained by the wizard of Orleans.

Le Petit Prince

Et ce n'est pas sérieux de chercher à comprendre pourquoi elles se donnent tant de mal pour se fabriquer des épines qui ne servent jamais à rien? Isn’t it important to try to understand why flowers give themselves so much trouble to produce thorns which then have no purpose? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ‘Le Petit Prince’

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Tristan and his brother ride to Orleans as quickly as they can.

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To His Future Wife

Daydreaming, but it may come true. Who knows?

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Part 4. The Promise

Dorigen gives Tristan her word.