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While walking in the street today

I saw a lovely smiling blonde.

She lives in an ad for hair shampoo,

On the side of a block across the way,

A happy girl that smiles at you,

For she has little else to do.

A paper world of posterland

Where no one spends a humdrum day,

Where no one’s sad and no one’s bored,

Where parents laugh and children play.

Blowing on the washing line,

The washing glistens in the sun.

It’s whiter than it was before

Because of product number one.

Bright kitchens, gleaming in the light,

Where there’s no washing-up to do

Except by product number two,

Where stains are made for stain remover,

And dirt exists just for the hoover.

The girl who sits in the Jaguar

On the hoarding over there,

The one with the smile and the welcome look,

Drives home in a noisy second-hand car,

Goes back to a flat where the bed’s not made,

With a kitchen to clean and a meal to cook.

But let’s all join the great delusion!

Let’s all willingly be conned!

For if we buy brand X of soap,

We’re off in a lather to the land of hope,

With advertising´s magic wand,

In the luxury car with the shampoo blonde!