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I sometimes wonder how it is

Mankind has lasted up to now.

Perhaps it’s more luck than judgement

That we have not joined the list of those extinct,

Like the dinosaurs.


“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”


And not foolish only,

But blind to things that really matter.

We have twisted belief beyond belief.

The superficial is praised and rewarded.

Deep rooted bias

And our pointless greed,

Are easy for all to see,

And not hard to weed out.

But what about hypocrisy,

Which is much more difficult

To label and identify?


I suppose that in the end,

Those little acts of kindness,

Like grains of sand, mount up.

Grains of sand make a difference

In the end.


Helping a neighbour from down the street

Or giving a hand to a stranger

We happen to meet,

Will be enough

To keep us all on track,

To keep going forwards,

And to make the day worthwhile.