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The Blue Mediterranean

Blue skies, blue sea

For you and me,

With beaches where the tourists come

For the sand and for the sun.


Another boat sank yesterday.


When this is in the past,

That day we shall look back

With shame

At everything we did not do

To help and save the wandering few

Who trusted themselves to a fragile boat,

That stood no chance

In the blue waves of the Mediterranean.


Another boat sank yesterday.


Despite bureaucracy and indifference,

A few heroes do what they can,

To fish men and women

From the seas.


Another boat sank yesterday.


A few shout loud,

“Close the ports!

Do not let them enter!

Send them away!

We have enough people here!

Send them back to the sea again.”


Another boat sank yesterday,

And many look the other way.


In the cinema we weep

At the film of slaves and cruelty.

‘How terrible,’ we say,

And shake our heads and sigh,

“And people did nothing then.

I wonder why.”


On the screen,

Suffering is served up clear and well-defined,

Ready for the waiting mind,

And the past is firmly tucked away,

Safe from the call to action.


Another boat sank yesterday.


But today we are blind

And do not see

The here and now.

Yes, here in front of you and me.


Another boat will sink tomorrow.


And on they come,

The crowded boats

That search for a shore,

For a place to land and begin again,

And nothing more.