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The Dance

When words and thoughts go hand in hand


When they dance together to the band

Of conversation,

When neither one is working more,

Nor dragging the other round the floor,

At last, the dance is worth the name.

So often thought is out of step

Or else it is the word

That can’t control its feet,

That’s wrong, that’s missed a beat,

Or words command

And thoughts just lamely follow

The steps the words demand.

But at moments when the words fit well,

And when the welded joint is neat,

Well then the phrase has surely been

In service since creation,

Volleyed for ever to and fro

Over the net of what we mean.

So, thanks again to the happy phrase,

Words that add salt to the everyday,

Those strings of sounds that raise a smile

When once in a while we get them right

And say what we intend to say.