The Day of the Dance

The poem this week is a celebration. The whole town changes on this one day of the year.

It is early in the morning.

And the day of the dance is today.

Look up! The birds are flying high,

And come together here.

Look up, look up, look up to the sky!

And in the square,

Look there, look there,

The girls are walking by.

And why? And why?


It is the day of the dance

It is that day of the year.

The day! The day!

The day of the dance!

Today! Today!

The day of the dance is here!


The postman wears a smile

And couples come by train.

The buses are full to the brim today

As young and old and in between,

Together make for the square.

For where? For where?

They all make for the square.


The band is gathering there,

In the bandstand freshly painted

The musicians take their seats,

And then begin to play.

To play! To play!

The music lasts all day!


Then little by little comes the night

And the lights begin to shine

The sky is dark

But the lights are bright,

And now the dance will begin.

Begin! Begin!

The dance will now begin.


Couples come from the happy crowd

That lines the edge of the square.

The couples form and one by one

They drift to the centre there.

They turn and twist and sail around,

Like boats on the sea at night,

Their feet seem not to touch the ground

As they dance in the evening light.


Tomorrow is another day

With work and things to do.

But now is the time to dance all night

To dance the whole night through.