The Thames at Reading

This poem is about how occasionally in life, there are times when you just have to start again.

‘We just don’t know

What we must do

To change what we have done.

You say it’ll be the end of you,

And I feel that way too.’


‘Let’s start again, let’s start again

As if we had just met.

Let’s see each other with those eyes

As we saw ourselves before.

Let us enjoy that former view

We had when our eyes were new.’


‘Where then are we to go

To find ourselves again?’


‘Don’t talk of Paris or of Rome,

Or anywhere we´ve been.

The healing comes from deep within

Not from a change of scene.


Paris will manage very well

If we’re not by the Seine.’


‘Rome will not miss

A couple of coins

In the fountain then.´


‘Let’s walk along the Thames, my love,

Where we have walked before.

There’s a path right by the river there,

A path so clear to see.

It’s far the best way on for us.

Let’s follow it you and me.’


‘We´ll see again the pair of swans

That swim against the flow.

That’s the place to walk along

That’s the place to go.’


‘Let’s start back by the Thames again

And see the swans once more,

Paddling with purpose against the stream

Which flows with a will downhill to the sea,

Minute after minute, year after year,

With no hesitation or deviation at all.

Even the towpath knows where it must go.

Amidst such intent to carry on

We’ll see the way ahead.’