The Whirligig of Time

23 February

They have returned, these lines of caterpillars, that the people call Processionària.

16 February

This poem suits the month of February and is always worth reading once more.

2 February

Very few of us, firmly established on dry land, help those who gamble their lives and come by sea.

26 January

Sant Cugat is just outside Barcelona. Visit the monastery there if you can, and walk around the cloister.

19 January

Remember to raise a glass to Robert Burns on January 25th.

12 January

The escape to Collioure of the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado.

5 January

Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and endings, of doorways and gates, and of change. He could look into the past and into the future and so is shown with two faces.

29 December

If you like this, you can read the whole poem of 'Dorigen'. It's on this site!

22 December

Palma celebrates its Christmas.

15 December

The story of a journey to the city of Soria just before Christmas.