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To Sarah

Where are you now?

Not here with me,

as we sit together drinking tea.

And are you happy where you are?

The worried lines on your soft face,

your empty eyes, your constant frown,

all say that in that other place

life too is hard and lets you down.

What battles are you fighting there,

as we talk of the weather and TV?

For we both have half an hour to kill,

and sit together for company.

You dress with style,

your face is fine, 

your hair falls lightly on your shoulder.

Many a girl must envy you,

and many a man would be so glad

of just one smile.

And yet your eyes see nothing here,

as if you want to be away

to that world you live in day by day.

Where do you go? 

Where are you now?

Why don’t you laugh or smile?

Well, OK, let’s sit here,

and drink some tea,

and talk together for a while.