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Until Dawn

Look up, my love.

The stars are dimmer now.

They’ve worked their shift all night,

And soon the restless sun

Will rise behind those hills

That trace a vague dark line

Across the sky.

The wine was finished long ago.

We have danced and sung

Till dawn has come,  

On cue to take her turn,

Her moment of the day.

So now lie quietly

And see the night grow light

And watch the darkness fade away.

Now it is our turn,

Our time to be

Alive and breathing the night air

From dusk to dawn.

Later there will come a time

For early sleep and waking with the sun.

Later there will come a time

To fill each day with work well done.

But now breathe in the night.

Breathe in the quiet to the full.

We have danced and we have sung,

And every second in this growing light

Is a second to be lived

While the dawn is young.